Intro To Shamanic Journeying

Learn How To Access the Wisdom Of Your Healing Guides & Power Animals

In this introductory course, you’ll learn the ancient practice of shamanic journeying to empower your own healing and connect to your inner wisdom

We cover the basics of shamanic journeying including focus techniques, schools of thought about the Spirits and the Spirit world, protection, and the big question: How do you know if it's real?

You will be led on a visualized journey and throughout the course, you will be given all the skills you need to complete at least one shamanic journey on your own.

There are five videos in this course, and each will focus on an aspect of connecting to your intuition and the Spirit world.

Throughout this program, you will start to understand your inner-sacredness and spiritual connections, and will be empowered to learn more in a safe and healthy way…

Your Instructor

Kim McLaughlin
Kim McLaughlin

Shamanic healing is not for the faint of heart; it’s for those ready to transform their lives and their relationships from the ground up.

Spirituality is a gift that belongs to everyone, and this gift is for you too. If you feel ready to finally step into your power, let’s work together…

About Kim...

As a shamanic healing practitioner, my goal is to empower others to embrace their healing journeys.

I began my own healing journey back in 2003, when I suffered a year-long illness. This was the year I was forced to see things differently and embrace my true spiritual nature. Three years later, I was adopted into a First Nations community through Anishnawbe Health Toronto (AHT) where I lived at that time.

That community taught me many things over a seven-year period, but the most important teaching was that spirituality is a normal part of life, and I was inspired to find out about spirituality from my own background.

My mother was born in North Ayrshire and my father is of Scottish descent. I spent much time in Scotland growing up and am inspired by my people, our native language (Gaelic) and our traditional spiritual ways.

In this phase of my journey, I studied with the late Tira Brandon Evans who taught me the art of shamanic journeying in order to explore the stories of the Gaels. I later perfected the art of shamanic journeying by studying core shamanism with Daniel Leonard.

Today I live in North Ayrshire Scotland, where I incorporate shamanic journeying into all my healing work for clients and for myself. The ability to journey for oneself is empowering and transforming, and I encourage you to step into this next stage of your own healing journey...

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish, and you can always return to the materials and visualized journey as often as you need to.
How long do I have access to the course?
One year. After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for a year on any and all devices you own.
How do I know it's not my imagination?
Actually, it IS your imagination. Think of it like this: Your imagination forms the structure of what is, effectively, spiritual communication. When we have visions, it's our imagination that fills in the lines of that vision with colour, scent, etc. But just because your imagination is facilitating, doesn't mean it's not legit. Often the Spirits will say or show you something and you KNOW you wouldn't be making that up on your own! The more spontaneous and surprising the journey, the more 'real' it usually is.
What do I need to take this course?
1. An open mind 2. A quiet place without interruptions 3. A dark room or a sleep mask 4. A drumming track or zen music 5. A journal to keep track of journeys.
How long does it take?
There are five videos, and each one is between ten and 15 minutes. You will also need additional time to practice your own journeys.

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